Refund Policy

We are glad that you have chosen Law Writings as your academic writing partner. We value your trust in our services and are extremely grateful that you picked our writers for your law assignments, essays, and other academic papers. Law Writings emphasizes customer satisfaction and tries its level best to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with our services.

We are extremely gutted and would like to apologise if you think our services were not up to the mark. If you received your order late or there were issues with your paper, you can ask us for a refund. However, there are some conditions that we check before processing your refund. This Refund Policy will guide you about all those circumstances and conditions regarding refunds.

Delivery After The Deadline

At Law Writings, we stay motivated to complete the deliveries on time and well before the deadline. Timely deliveries are the utmost priority of our team, and we try our level best to deliver the work within the given timeframe. However, there are some cases when the deliveries are affected due to unanticipated circumstances. In such cases, you can contact our team to inquire about the delivery. There is always an honest and true reason for such incidents. We will accept your refund claim if there is no genuine reason for the late submission.

The actual deadline should be the same as compared to the one mentioned at the time of order placement. If there is any discrepancy in your selected deadline, your claim for delayed delivery won’t be considered by our team.

If your paper is accepted even after the deadline and only a few marks have been deducted, we won’t reimburse you the full amount. You have to prove that because of our delay, the marks have been deducted to get a small amount of your order back.

In case of any revisions, we have to set the new deadline mutually. If the deadline is not discussed for revision, you won’t get any partial or full refund. Customers have to stay attentive and quickly respond to our team. If we don’t get a reply from the customer’s side within the next 12 hours of revision, the case will be closed because of the lack of information given by the customer.

Quality Issues

You will always get top-quality academic papers from Law Writings. We pledge to keep our service standards high. Unfortunately, if there is an instance where we fail to deliver the expected quality, customers can ask for a revision. If the errors are fixed and the customer has approved the revision, no refund requests will be entertained for quality concerns.

You can get a revision if your document is entirely plagiarised or contain a huge amount of copied content. We check all the papers through proven online tools before delivery, but if you can show us any authentic proof, we can revise your paper to make it plagiarism-free.

If the customer is not satisfied with the content even after the revision, then the matter will be handled by our QA team. They will examine the case and create a report that decides whether we will refund your amount or not.

Customers have a limited time to claim a refund. Any complaint after that estimated time won’t be applicable for a refund.

Order Cancellation

Customers have 24 hours to cancel their order in case they change their minds. If you fail to cancel the order within the given timeline, then we will complete your project. Once the order is processed, the customer cannot back down from the project or ask for a refund.

Not Getting The Expected Result

We give our best shot to provide you with a paper that scores higher than your expectations. However, we won’t guarantee you an A plus. We are responsible for delivering a high-quality document that is meticulously written and has authentic and relevant information. Other than that, the result is not in our hands.

If you failed because of our assignment, essay, or any other academic document, you would have 2-3 weeks to claim a refund. We will need proper proof of failure. You have to submit the grade sheet and the professor’s feedback so that we can investigate the matter. If there is a mistake on our part, we will process a refund that can be 20-50% of your order.

The decision of our QA and customer support teams is considered final. Any refund claim that fails to satisfy these conditions will be rejected by Law Writings right away.